Should I be a Web expert to register on Testapic service?

No. Testers and reviewers do not have to Web experts to perform user testing. Our panel of testers gather many profiles from beginners to experts. The tests are simple, easy to understand and perform.

How do I sign in?

You just have to fill the registration form.

To unsubscribe, sign in to your Testapic account with the email you used to sign up and click on “Unsubscribe”.

Can I sign in if I’m under 18?

No. Only people above 18 (according to the national applicable law), having the legal right to endorse a contract, can become a Testapic member.

Why should I give personal information when I register ?

The requested information allow us to send you tests depending on your profiles and interests.

Am I anonymous ? What is the data privacy policy ?

Yes. We never transfer any personal information to our customers who will just access an identification number. Your identity remains confidential, if you do not state it during a test, according to our data privacy policy.

I have registered a while ago but I have not received any tests. Is it normal ?

The frequency and amount of test proposal depend on your profile and our customers' needs. We cannot commit to send you tests with a specific frequency. To receive audio / video tests, please make sure you have finalised your trial test. To perform your trial test, go to your personal usertesting account.

Test execution

Does Testapic application will slow down my computer ?

No. You do not download any heavy software to perform the tests with your computer as the tests are presented in a plug in (only activated during the tests) integrated in your browser.

How can I have more information about my relations with Testapic ?
When and how does Testapic contact me to execute tests ?

You can receive an email with a test proposal anytime during working days or the week ends.

How many tests per week can I receive ? How can I receive more tests ?

There is no specific limit. Anyhow, we do monitor the learning process and your skills improvement. Many reasons may explain the test frequency :

  • You have to remain spontaneous during the test,
  • The amount of testers increases everyday,
  • The tests we can send you depend on your profile and our clients' requirements,
  • Your Testapic profile should be updated frequently,
  • You should perform the audio / video try testing on the different devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet),
  • You should fill the eligibility surveys.

What are the different types of tests ?
You can receive 2 types of test :
  1. Survey Tests where you are asked to navigate on the website or app, answer questions and provide written comments,
  2. Video / Audio Tests where you are asked to think aloud while navigating on the Website.
How long does a test last?

It may vary depending on the task complexity and the scope of the test. As an average, a test lasts for 15 to 20 minutes.

Do I need a microphone ?

To execute the Audio / Video Test, yes you need a microphone (this source can be internal or external to your computer). You can get 1 on Amazon.

To execute the Survey Test, the microphone is not mandatory as you write your comments.

Do I have to introduce myself when I start a test ?

This is not mandatory but appreciated :) We always like your test when it starts with a "Hello !" Anyhow, the purpose of the test is more to gather your opinion and comment the proposed tasks. The tests remain anonymous. You can also fill fake information on forms to protect your identity.

When I receive a test proposal, how long does the test remain available ?

Once you receive the email proposal, you can start the test. Your participation is not mandatory. Testapic reserves the right to send the proposal to other members. As an average, the availability of tests vary from a couple of hours to 3 days.

What happens if I get disturbed during the test ?

This is part of the remote tests ! If you get disturbed by a relative or the postman, you can pause the test and resume it then.

What does a tester have to do?
A tester should ideally :
  • read and understand the tasks and instructions,
  • comment his userpath and the interaction with the Website or the App,
  • state his point of view with sincerity, whether it is positive or negative,
  • be proactive and bring recommendations to improve the interface and the user experience.
Can my test be rejected ?

Yes, our customer can decide to reject your test. In this case, neither Testapic or you will be paid. Here are the most common reasons for a reject :

  • You have not reach the expected level of quality. For instance, for a sSurvey Test, it may be related to excessive spelling mistake, or answers that cannot be understood, or answers totally out of the task scope. For an Audio / Video Test, the reject can be due to a problem with your microphone (poor voice quality, excessive ambient noise, etc.).
  • You have not followed the instructions or you have not executed all the tasks within the test.
  • You have done a very brief or superficial test. In average, the tests last for 15-20 minutes. Some test may be longer or shorter. If you have executed the tasks very rapidly, it is possible and recommended that you explore the website deeper in order to report issues that you may encounter.
I cannot access anymore to the test I received. Why ?
Each test has certain requirements such as the amount of users. It is possible that this threshold has been reached, before you decided to execute the test, due to a extreme enthusiasm of the users. It is common that the tests remain available for 24 to 48 hours (some of them for 1 week).

I have finished a test. How do I get paid ?

How do I receive my payments ?

Once your 1st test is finished, you are invited to enter your bank details and your address so that we can proceed with your payments. Do not forget to fill these mandatory information : your RIB / IBAN and your address in your personal account. You must reach a minimum amount (as defined in the terms of tester agreement) to request your payment.

Once you have reach this minimum amount, you can send us a payment request by using the functionnality in your personal account or on the contact form. Your money will be then transfered with our partner BNP Paribas. We do not pay with Paypal.

How should I proceed to send you a bill after executing a test to receive my payment ?

Once you receive your payment, the bill will be automatically generated on your personal account. You have no specific action to perform at this stage.

How does the money transfer work ?

According to our terms of use, the money credited on your account will be transferred to your attention in a minimum period of 10 days after the reception of your demand. Our partner BNP Paribas is responsible for the payment security. The information are secured and remain confidential according to our data privacy policy.

Agreement & status of the tester

What is my legal status ?

You have no link with Testapic with an employment contract (see Terms of Tester Agreement), so you are not a Testapic employee. You execute the test as a n independant worker.

As an independant worker, should I register to a legal organization (such as CFE, URSAFF, or auto-entrepreneur in France) ?

You have to refer to the legal law in your country. Testers are responsible for determining any tax liabilities incurred from payments received by Testapic.

Technical issues


I encountered an issue during my first trial testing.

Contact us with our contact form and explain us your issue. We will assign you manually a new trial testing.

A technical issue prevents me to start the test and view the tasks.

It may be possible that you encounter some issues to initiate a new audio test or to start the record of the test.

In such case, please read the appropriate section below depending on your device and browser (Chrome, Firefox ou l’application Testapic Mobile).

What should I do if I read the following message Your test is not finished. Are you sure you wish to close this page? during the test ?
  • With Firefox : if you quit the page, your test record will be discarded. You will have to start it again from scratch. We recommend that you cancel this action and proceed until the end of the test.
  • With Chrome : you can stop the test and continue it later where you stopped.
  • With Testapic mobile app : if you quit the test, your test record will be discarded. You will have to start it again from scratch. We recommend that you cancel this action and proceed until the end of the test.
At the end of the test, the time to upload is very long. What should I do ?

Wait. The upload duration will depend on the Internet speed. Normally, the upload is reasonable ; 1:1 compared to the test duration.

Wait until the transfer is completed before you close the window. If the transfer is incomplete, your test will not be validated by our client and you may not be paid.

At the end of a test, my answers are not correctly submitted. What should I do?

It may be due to your Internet connexion which is slow or a shutdown occurred during the transfer and Testapic could not receive your data.

In such case, please read the appropriate section below depending on your device and browser (Chrome, Firefox ou l’application Testapic Mobile).

Sound and microphone

How do I know if my microphone is active before starting an Audio / Video Test ?

Our application automatically detect the microphone output. If your microphone does not record anything, you will see the visual feedback : "Microphone sound too low. Please speak louder." Anyhow, we recommend that you follow the tutorial to set up your microphone.

Go to the site to check if your microphone is active.

The Testapic application indicates that the sound is too low during the test. What should I do ?

If the problem remains, let us know on our contact form.

Google Chrome browser

If it is your 1st test with Chrome browser, please read this tutorial describing the procedure to be follow to execute the audio tests with Chrome.

After the configuration check, no task is displayed on the screen. How to start the test ?

To reach the tasks, click on the Testapic plug in icon on the top right corner in your Chrome browser.

The Testapic Chrome extension displays an error message. What should I do ?

This problem may occur when the test extension encounters some issues to synchronise with our servers. This problem should just be temporary. Close your Google Chrome windows and try again after 30 minutes. You should normally access the test.

If the problem remains, please contact us with our contact form.

Due to a technical problem, I could not end the test.

If you encounter an issue (browser, network, etc.) :

  • During the test : open again your Chrome browser if it shut down, open Testapic extension (by clicking on the Testapic logo on the top right corner of your Chrome browser) and restart the test. You should continue where you stopped.
  • After the test (message « Error during the data transfer ») : relaunch Chrome and go to Testapic extension relancez Chrome (by clicking on the Testapic logo on the top right corner of your Chrome browser). The transfer should continue automatically.

Do not hesitate to inform us about an issue by using our contact form.

At the end of the test, my data are not transferred correctly.

Relaunch Chrome browser and go Testapic extension relancez Chrome (by clicking on the Testapic logo on the top right corner of your Chrome browser). The transfer should continue automatically.

Do not hesitate to inform us if the problem remains by using our contact form.

Testapic Mobile Application for Android

Testapic Mobile app shutdowns after the countdown.
Your test starts at the end of the countdown. You should see the task in the dedicated window.
I closed the application during the test and now my test does not appear anymore, Why ?
Once the test started you can not stop in class. Closing the application during the test causes you to drop out, it is no longer possible to repeat the test.
The sending of test is not carried out, the progress bar remains blocked, how to send my test ?
Check that you are connected to a WIFI and / or cellular network (3G + / 4G) and that this connection is stable, then re-open the application, sending will restart automatically. Be aware that the test may take a while to be sent. If the problem persists, you must recover your video. To perform this maneuver, please visit this page: manual transfert For any questions regarding the sending of test contact us via our contact form.
My phone is not compatible with the app. How to perform the tests assigned to me ?
The Testapic application is available on versions 5.0 and above. The lower versions do not allow the recording of your actions.
The application closes when the test starts, with the error message: "An error occurred during the recording" and I can not restart the test, what should I do?
This error is due to the incompatibility of your phone for recording your screen and the sound of your voice. This problem is independent of our product because it concerns the manufacturer of your mobile. Share them via our contact form by filling in the model and the manufacturer of your mobile and its Android version.
The application offers me an update of the application but once I authorize this update, the application stops working. What to do ?
If this happens, go directly to the Playstore app on your mobile and look for the Testapic mobile app. Once on the page, you will be offered, via a button, to perform the last update.
Does the application film my face ?
The app does not film your face but records your mobile screen and everything you do on it. Therefore, you are advised to close all applications regarding your privacy before starting a test.
Due to a technical problem, I could not end the test.

Several cases may occur :

  • the application crashes during the test
  • you are stuck in the test because you cannot proceed to the next task and have to quit the application

Do not hesitate to inform us if the problem remains by using our contact form.

A doubt, a question ?
Do not hesitate to contact us.