Terms and Conditions

You’ve had access to our site and you use it. The following conditions settle the way one should use our site. The fact that you use our site makes you commit to respect its terms and conditions.

1. Forbidden uses of the site and applications

The user accepts not to use the Site in an illegal way or for an illegitimate, defamatory, aggressive, invasive in terms of privacy of others, abusive, threatening, or obscene goal. The user needs to use the site in a loyal way, in respect to the laws and rules but also in respect to dignity, good moral standards and mustn’t disrupt public order.

Especially, the user can’t use spiders, robots or other automated data exploration techniques to catalog, download, store or in any way reproduce or distribute the content offered on the Site, or to manipulate the results of any panel, poll, survey or draw presented on the Site. The user mustn’t act in a way that would perturb the Site or the access of any other user to the Site, including but not limited to, by using overload techniques, « flooding » (ex : SPAM) or « bombing » (ex : server stress, repetitive server intrusions, abnormal server calls) of the Site, or even by artificially trying to make it produce errors. The user must neither send unsolicited emails, including promotions or advertisements for products or services, through the Site nor create a false identity or hide it inside any email or posting.

Especially, the user mustn’t use, apprehend, select, copy, reproduce, use parts of the Site in another website or distort the appearance of the Site. The user mustn’t create links from any other website towards any of the two pages of the Site, in particular if the source(s) is/are threatening, libelous, defamatory, discriminating, obscene, scandalous or excessive and in a more general way, contrary to the laws and rules, immoral or contrary to good moral standards and public order.

The user mustn’t use equipment that could be contrary to the restrictions hereinabove concerning the sources. Testapic will offer its whole cooperation to any authority or organism charged with making people respect and apply laws and rules and/or the principles hereinabove.
Any injunction coming from tribunals, authorities and organisms demanding that Testapic divulges the identity of anybody that would have such behavior or would incite, ease or enable such behavior would be respected.

2. Third parties information

The Site can contain links towards other websites that are not maintained by Testapic or that contain information about third parties’ products or services. Testapic doesn’t check the legal, commercial habits, the information or anything else about these third parties that don’t depend on Testapic and doesn’t provide any guarantee in their name.

Provision of any link or redirection towards any third party’s link will never mean that Testapic takes responsibilities of these third parties about the content of their site. We recommend you to be very careful when you leave our Site and we ask you to take note of the confidentiality and user agreements of each of the websites you browse under your responsibility. The data contained on our Site are there only for information only. The opinions expressed on our Site are not necessary those of Testapic and the users need to keep their free will.

3. Potential encouragement and motivation programs

For prospecting purposes, Testapic may have to offer or organize panels, draws, rewards, loyalty points programs or other promotions or programs concerning the activities displayed on our Site (Services). These Services will be subjected to rules, conditions, provisions, measures or consents applicable at the time you’ll access those services. Testapic reserves the right to modify or delete, at any time and without notice, the rewards and advantages assigned by the program.

4. Relations with Testapic

Apart from your personal data (name, first name, precise address, email), no confidentiality or advertisement reservation will be granted to any piece of information or any other element that you send to Testapic under the form of email or under any other form, including all the data, questions, comments, suggestions or other things, will become public and be granted a common denomination and will be treated as such.

Apart if the information we receive are expressly covered by our data privacy policy, everything you transmit or display can freely be used by Testapic or its affiliates or partners, including and without limitations, reproduce, divulge, transmit, publish and broadcast them. Moreover, Testapic can to its own will use any idea, concept, know-how or techniques that may be included in any communication sent by you towards our Site, without remuneration or advantage others than those defined by contract. They could be used for any purpose, including, among others, for the development, modification, fabrication and commercialization of Testapic products and services thanks to those information.

5. Responsibility limitation

The Site, both for using and it’s whole content or services offered to users or to which you can access thanks to the Site is offered “as is”. Testapic gives neither opinion nor guarantee as for the content of the Site. Moreover, Testapic declines any responsibility concerning any expressed or implicit guarantee, including and without limitation, for non-counterfeit, for the titles, the warranty of merchantability or ability to use the offered services.
Testapic doesn’t guarantee that:

  • The features contained in this Site, as well as the material or contents it offers, will never be interrupted or errors-free,
  • The defects will be corrected or that the Site or the server that supports it will be adjusted and modified in accordance with the errors or defects,
  • lThe Site or server that supports it will be exempted of viruses or other harmful elements. The users won’t be compensated for the prejudices they could suffer in the cases explained hereinabove.

Testapic legal civil responsibility, contractual or other, will not be taken regarding users for any prejudice, profit loss, data loss, opportunity loss, covering cost, damages cost, personal injury or a death attributable to a unintended fault from Testapic. This also includes accessory personal damages or other indirect damages.

Notwithstanding the previous statement, if we are judged responsible of damage, a prejudice, a loss you may have suffered originating from your use of the Site or its content, our financial responsibility cannot be entailed beyond three hundred euros (300 euros), this amount Is a maximum and needs to be justified by the prejudice.

6. Modifications

All the information displayed on the Site can be subject to modification without notice. The potential modifications will be combined with the one depicted here. It is therefore up to you to frequently consult these pages to keep up to date concerning any modification. Your access to the Site following the implementation of such modifications means you agree with these modifications.

7. Compensation of Testapic following prejudices from your part

You accept to compensate the PANISERO company (Testapic), to defend it and to exonerate it from any responsibility, including for its employees, executives, agents and representatives and managing directors against any claim, demand, responsibility, cost or expense, including procedure and advice fees (lawyers, experts, etc.), deriving from, or in connection with, any violation from your side of the stipulations included here or a non-conform use of the Site or an infringement of any applicable law. It will be the same after the use of the Site or its content, whatever its form, in an illegal way.

8. Divisibility of the mentions applicable herein

In case one or several parts of the articles herein or their conditions are declared non valid or inapplicable by any tribunal or relevant authority and for any reason, the provision involved will be considered ineffective but this won’t affect the other provisions or conditions herein that will still apply.

9. Applicable law

The French laws (regardless of the rules concerning law conflicts) rule this contract and the use of the Site. The relevant tribunals are those located in Paris.

10. Informations

You can also read the frequently asked questions reserved to users.

The company PANISERO SAS with a share capital of 80 000€ and which headquarters are located at 30 rue de Charonne 75011 PARIS, registered to Paris RCS under number 530 171 396 that maintains the website Testapic.com.

The name Testapic belongs to the company PANISERO. Herein, the name Testapic is also used to talk about the legal entity PANISERO (us).

The website, the Site refers to the website TESTAPIC which belongs to PANISERO. On the one hand,
For any question concerning the conditions herein, contact us or send us a letter to:

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