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Over 200 clients put their trust in us

Testapic helps us challenge any beliefs we have in-house, so we can truly put users at the centre of our design.

Julien Clément - Lead UX-UI @ VeePee (eCommerce conglomerate)

We chose Testapic because we really wanted to carry out a user testing campaign quickly, and with a range of communities. Everything happened very fast! We gave the green light at 4pm Friday, and by 11am Monday all the tests had been completed.

Laurent Christophe - Head of Digital Projects @ Burton of London

It gets right to the point! It’s more direct than you’d see with traditional institutions, where they’re perhaps wary of causing offense. With Testapic, there’s no fuss – the user goes straight to the heart of the matter. It’s maybe a little unsettling to begin with, but you get to the issue much faster.

Ludovic Gremy - Group CTO @ FDJ (Gaming and sports betting company)

Mixing together two data collection methods – video and quantitative questionnaires – is a real advantage. It gives us a holistic overview. And this helps us properly put ourselves in the user's shoes.

Jérôme Rivière - Brand & Consumers VP @ Meetic (Dating service company)

We use this type of test to understand whether what we’ve developed meets our clients’ needs, checking there’s no discrepancy. We use it just before launch, so we can rest assured and avoid any nasty surprises.

Florence Deschamp - Head of Digital Marketing & Datamining at BRED (French cooperative bank)

The mix of quantitative and qualitative methods is really important because it helps you prioritise fixes and understand what needs to be actioned first to affect the greatest number of people. That’s one of Testapic’s real strengths.

Caroline Roullet - Chief Marketing Officer @ VIVA TECH (Annual convention on technological innovation and startups)

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