The recommendations issued following the user tests are based on user factual data which are presented in parallel with the conclusions of the test. Testapic's UX team will also be able to support its recommendations by illustrative mock-ups or wireframes of the integration of corrective actions with a user-centered approach.

Define the objectives

Every site has its own measurable KPIs (orders, cart amount, visited pages, click rates on advertising, etc.).

Ideally, objectives have to be formulated in a SMART way:





Time defined.


Detect the main usability issues during the checkout process
Improve the site conversion rate
Stuty the user perception of the home page or the main landing pages
Identify the best practices of the competitors in the direct market universe
Analyze the general perception of the UI or the AI in the application
E-Commerce : Improve the add to cart rate on the product page (+12%)
Classifieds : Improve the number of leads sent to the call center (+15%)
Insurance : Decrease the cart abandonment rate on the Sign in page as a 1st step of the auto insurance registration form
Mobile : Analyze the interoperability on multi-devices (app, TV, Box)
E-Commerce : Ease the checkout process and identify the elements decreasing the conversion rate

Plan the test & its protocol

Your targeted audience may be more or less broad, and consequently your targeted users may be defined with a few or a lot of criteria. Testapic has a dynamic panel database with more than 50 criteria which can be customized to fit your needs.

Example of target:

100% women
30% in Paris area / 70% in the rest of France
20% beginners / 40% intermediate / 40% expert
Other: customers on 2 competitive websites
Plan de test / Protocole

The test protocol clarifies the methodology and the scope of the remote usability test:

Panel selection depending on the targeted audience (persona / sample)
Test scenario and task to be performed by the testers
Test tools selection
Jalon du projet
Project milestones
Construction des Scénarii

CBuild the test scenario

It is possible to:

let the user browse randomly your website or


ask him to perform specific tasks

Many studies have proven that the 2nd method is far more efficient to maximise the amount of identified usability issues ; hence this is the methodlogy used by Testapic.

The test scenario is built depending on the main user paths and the scope / objectives of the test. It is then detailed with tasks that the users will be asked to perform during the test.

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