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Testapic constantly innovates in order to ensure the performances of its user-focused methodology. The R&D department of Testapic carries out several search projects, by itself or in partnership with French renowned national institutes (CNRS, BPI, CFI…).

Behavior & expectations of Internet users

Regarding the framework of Web uses, Testapic conducts a program of iterative studies in order to understand further behavior and expectations of Internet users. The aim of this program is to identify potential failures which must be avoided because they are a likely source of users’ abandonment. In addition, these studies allow an underlining of the best practices favoring a positive user experience. These searches concern thematics as fundamental as various, such as product page, customer path… Testapic also conducts case studies available free on the Ergonomics blog of Testapic. So far, this blog is available in the French version of our Website.

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Use progression as a result of internet mobility

With technological advancement in web access, the current performances of mobile devices have changed considerably Internet user behaviour and expectations. Interface ergonomics are at the heart of this “mobile revolution” in terms of access to Information. The reflection coming from previous assignment experience encouraged Testapic to begin a major search program centered on the mobility in Web use. This problematic is related to questions about differences in use between mobile devices and desktop:
Does the use of Web differ in function of the support mobility ?
With this problematic, several questions arise related to the specificity of the services proposed by the Web sites (is use of Web services are modified by the mobility factor?) and related to characteristics of users themselves (is use of Web services are they impacted by users’ profile?). For example, Testapic has already conducted a study on more than 400 Web users seeking property in order to confront their uses of Web sites (property developer sites and real estate sites) in function of device mobility. Results showed site use is determined by the support (mobile vs desktop). Whereas the desktop supports are used for seeking and comparison of property programs, the mobile supports are essentially used for practical reasons like finding the address of the agency, the phone number... The issue of the search program is to characterize and classify users-interface interactions, according to the type of interface and the support used. Over time, Testapic wants to elaborate a corpus of users-interface interactions, reference in the Web uses.
In this way, the studies conducted by Testapic focus on :
  • specifying the users’ behaviors related to “Web mobile” in comparison to desktop access;
  • differentiating the behaviors and the uses according to the type of Web sites and the interface services/functionalities;
  • characterizing the interactions between “fixed access vs mobile access” and the types of Web sites.
The elaboration of a such corpus should provide guidelines and strong ergonomic recommendations to Web site editors in order to help them in the interface construction according to the particular context of use.
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