Our panel

000 000

active users available to test your interfaces…
…get to know them!

The strengh of our panel is based on its representativity

an equilibrium in the men/women ratio

48 %
52 %

A wide age distribution

from 18 to 73

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A homogeneous distribution...

...within France

Target the testers

Examples of profiles

Marie L.
46 years old - Maried - 2 children
Married with 2 kids, Marie is also a parents’ representative at her kids’ school. She lives an active life combining her job, her housekeeping, etc. Marie is very keen on outdoor sports : cycling with her family, hiking and gardening. Marie uses Internet from 30 min to 1 hour a day, mainly for practical searches on Google, shopping on e-Commerce websites (approximately once a month), managing her bank account, etc. She loves all the online services which allow her to spend more time with her children and her husband.
Lives in Lyon
Human resources
Company between 500 & 1000 employees
Bruno V.
32 years old - In a relationship - No children
Keen on new technologies, Bruno has a good work/life balance. He is a telecommunications engineer in an international firm. He spends most of his days using his computer and Internet for professional or personal puroposes. He stays well informed about the lastest innovation in the connected object industry. He reads a lot of blogs using his touchpad, while sitting on his couch or relaxing at a coffee terrace.
Rents an appartment
In Paris area
New technologies
Between 2500 & 3000€/month