Raw test data

Testapic remote user tests allow you to collect many objection navigation data and subjective feeling of the user when experiencing or seeing the interface.

The user feedback are the structured formalization of conscious feelings of the testers when they perform a test. They are key performance indicators (KPIs) of the user satisfaction and the usability of the tested interface.

The raw data are qualitative and quantitative including :

  • the criteria of a master ergonomic audit prior to the test (optional),
  • the videos (session replays) of the user experience (video + audio),
  • the written comments of the users,
  • the key charts.

These raw data are mainly dedicated to Web agencies, or partners with internal UX ressources or independant experts willing to use remote user tests in their design processes.

A UX expertise is recommended to analyze the data and draw relevant conclusions.

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Structured data

In addition to these raw data, Testapic gives acess to structured data when performing turn key usability projects.

Structured data include :

  • heatmaps – clickmaps,
  • attention maps,
  • blind maps,
  • number of clicks per task, per path,
  • success and failure rate for each task,
  • necessary time to perform each task,
  • user paths and navigation pattern,
  • …etc.

All those data are then analyzed and crosslinked for a deeper analysis and understanding of the results ; for instance depending on tester profile caracteristics :

  • comparison per gender,
  • by age,
  • by Internet competencies,
  • by location,
  • etc.

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Web Analytics

The qualitative and quantitative data can be completed with quantitative data from Web Analytic tools. It is anyhow recommended to analyze this extra source of data with a constant focus on conversion rate optimization as they will provide another angle of approaching and understanding the user behaviour on your site or app.